Comments from some previous clients.


"I went to Michelle for microblading and shading my eyebrows.  I couldn't be happier!  From day 1 they looked amazing.  My only regret is not getting them done sooner.  Thank you Michelle for doing such an amazing job!"

-Erin C. (Pickering, ON)

"MBM-Michelle Baquial Makeup welcomed you with open arms and a very relaxed experience.  There was no pressure, she walked you through every step to make sure you were happy with the design of your eyebrows before she started the microblading.  Michelle is very professional and knowledgeable and has a very bubbly personality.  I highly recommend MBM.  I am so happy and satisfied with my brows, they look so natural.  Thank you again for everything Michelle.  I love LOVE my brows!"

-Brenda C. (Midland, ON)

"Well what can I say, Michelle was absolutely incredible!!  Her personality alone made for a wonderful experience.  I had been considering microblading for some time and reached out to Michelle.  Wow am I ever glad I did!!  She was beyond knowledgeable and informative on all questions and concerns I had prior to my appointment.  Every step during she ensured I  was informed of what she was doing and making adjustments along the way to get the perfect brow!!!"

-Kally F.  (Durham, ON)

"Michelle did such a great job on my eyebrows!  She is really focused on making sure her clients get exactly what they want.  She spent a lot of time making sure that I was happy with the shape, thickness and size for the brows before she started the microblading.  The whole experience was incredibly positive and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services!"

-Elizabeth F. (Barrie, ON)

"I've been considering microblading for some time now to fill in the gaps that years of waxing and tweezing has left on my eyebrows. I saw Michelle's before and after pictures and decided to reach out to her. Michelle was very informative right form the start, answering any questions or concerns. During the procedure Michelle walked me through every step. I wasn't just blindly lying there not knowing what was going on, which I liked. She made adjustments as we went along until I was completely happy with the shape and color. Michelle was very patient and took her time perfecting my eyebrows. At the end of the session Michelle discussed after care and even gave me a little take home care package. She followed up with me several times to see how I was feeling and how the healing process was coming along. Michelle provided outstanding customer service. She went over and beyond. Not only did I get new beautiful eyebrows but I also made a new friend. Thank you Michelle for a wonderful experience."

-Dina G. (Mississauga, ON)

"I had thin, unnoticeable eyebrows for as long as I could remember...microblading interested me and I'm VERY glad that I was able to have Michelle as my artist.  Your location is calm and relaxing and you made this a positive, VERY recommendable experience!  Thank you, thank you!!!"

-Jenn C. (Alliston, ON)

"I went to Michelle for her microblading services. I was very apprehensive about microblading when I had first heard of it but curious about the procedure after seeing pictures on the MBM Facebook page. When I had inquired about it Michelle took the time to explain the process to me thOroughly and professionally. I made an appointment to have it done after more research. During my appointment Michelle really took the time to make sure I was completely happy with my brow shape before having the microblading done. I felt comfortable with her to be honest and ask for change when I wanted little tweaks. Michelle exceeded my expectations with her precision and professionalism and I am very happy with the end result.  I would definitely recommend MBM and this service to everyone!"

-Ashley B. (Alliston, ON)

"I must say, if anyone is interested in microblading, Michelle is your go to girl. For many, many years I felt I had no eyebrows. They were thin, and due to my natural brow being blonde "only" on the ends, it looked like I had half an eyebrow. I tried everything I could think of to give myself eyebrows. I'm not a makeup artist and often made myself look clownish lol then came Michelle **big grin** I now have natural looking fully shaped brows. I'm ecstatic!!!! Michelle's talent is out of this world. I can't begin to describe how much this has changed my confidence.....you're amazing Michelle, tyvm xoxo"

-Jennifer P. (Angus, ON)

"I just had my eyebrows microbladed with Michelle.  She is a professional in everything she does.  I love it!  She took her time while drawing the outline of the eyebrows and until you feel confident with the drawing she doesn't start.  No pain whatsoever.  If you need yours done please contact Michelle, she's the best!"

-Fatima V. (Toronto, ON)

"Michelle is the sweetest and was so patient with me. I had my eyebrows done before and it was a horrible experience.  Michelle took the time to listen to all my fears and concerns and every step of the way she would stop and have me look at the progress and ask how I felt about it. She is very talented and amazing at what she does. I can finally say after years and years that I love my eyebrows. Thank you Michelle from the bottom of my heart. ❤️""

-Jenny A. (Bradford, ON)

"Michelle made me feel at ease. She thoroughly explained the procedure and gave great customer service. I highly recommend her for microblading. Thanks again!"

-Lourdes C. (Brantford, ON)

"Amazing job!   I went to Michelle for microblading.  She took her time, explained everything in detail and was very professional. My eye brows looks great!"

-Despina K. (Toronto, ON)

"Michelle was professional in every aspect, a woman of integrity. When she did my brows she displayed such patience and understanding, putting anxieties at ease. So glad I had this done...my routine simplified."

-Dorothy S. (Alliston, ON)