The Beauty of Makeup Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn how to hide your dark circles? Have you tried to create a sultry smokey eye but ended up looking more like a raccoon? Makeup lessons are the perfect way to learn how to apply your makeup like a pro.

Many people own makeup but are afraid or unsure of the best ways to apply it. The great thing about makeup is if you make a mistake or don’t like something you can easily wash it off and start over. Makeup is supposed to be fun a way of expressing yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and to express it through your makeup.

When you hire a professional makeup artist to teach you a makeup lesson, you are guaranteed to improve your makeup skills. When I book makeup lessons with clients I like to teach them how to use their existing makeup and tools. It won’t help you very much if all we use is tools and products from my professional kit and once I leave you are lost because you don’t have half the products or tools that I have. At Michelle Baquial Makeup, I like to empower my clients with the knowledge and skill to create the looks they desire, even once I have left. Many clients take notes so they have a how-to guide in their own words to refer back to once I have left. If they don’t have a needed product to create a desired look, we use that product from my kit. I can then recommend either a high end, professional quality brand of said product, or I can recommend a drug store brand product which is more affordable and that should help create a similar effect. It all depends on the client’s needs and budget.

Makeup Lesson

Makeup lessons are fully customizable to a client’s needs. We can either have a one-on-one lesson or we can have a group lesson. Group lessons are great way to get friends together, especially for a girls night. If you are planning a destination wedding and are concerned about having your makeup done, why not book a makeup lesson prior to going away? You can learn to create your perfect bridal look from a professional who specializes in weddings, and at MBM, we also offer personalized makeup shopping. Book your bridal makeup lesson well in advance and have Michelle Baquial Makeup shop for all of the products you will need to take with you to re-create your bridal look at your destination.

If you’re a parent that has a young one who is starting to show interest in makeup, why not book them a makeup lesson? Many young girls and boys turn to Youtube or Instagram to learn about makeup. The problem with turning to social media is that many of these tutorials are sponsored by different brands and you are only seeing makeup applied to that particular person, suited to their skin type, their features, their concerns, etc. With a personalized lesson, it is tailored specifically to you. You learn what works best for you. Someone who is a young teen does not need to wear every product known to man all at once. At MBM-Michelle Baquial Makeup, we believe that less is more. We believe in enhancing your beauty and confidence, one face at a time, not creating a new face or hiding your own beauty under pounds of makeup.

Book a lesson now, you won’t regret it!

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