Drug Store V.S. High End Makeup-Know Where To Spend Your Money

Nowadays, you can purchase makeup just about anywhere. There are even makeup aisles in some grocery stores. So, what's the difference between drug store makeup brands and higher end brands that you purchase at department stores or brand specific/specialty stores (i.e. M.A.C., Sephora, Ulta,etc)? There are many differences, but the ones I'll be looking at are quality/staying power, and price.

Drugstore V.S. High End

Drugstore Makeup, High End Makeup

Eyeshadows: Have you ever noticed that it's next to impossible (or that it takes FOREVER) to get the eyeshadow on your eyelid to be the same color intensity as in the pan? I've always encountered this issue with drugstore eyeshadows which is why I don't buy them. Shell out the extra money and buy the higher end eyeshadow. Yes, it's more expensive, but it's better quality. It may cost more, but it will last you longer than a drugstore one. Think about it, you need less product to get the exact same color that's in the pan. Most of the time, you can't even get the drugstore eyeshadow to ever look like the color in the pan. An eye primer will help but that drugstore eyeshadow won't ever get you the color you want in one-two swipes which you definitely can get with a higher end one.

Winner: High End

Mascara: Personally, I haven't been wowed by a high end mascara. If I have, I feel like it's temporary (until I go back to my good ole' drug store one and then I don't see much of a difference). I buy drug store mascara and that's what I stock my kit with as well. The perfect mascara is a combination of a great formula and a killer wand. I have yet to find a mascara that creates length, volume and definition without spider lashes. My solution-FALSE LASHES.

Winner: Drug store

Eyeliner & Lipliner: There are good and bad drug store liners. The only issue that I've encountered with drug store liners is that some are dry and don't glide along the skin (they drag and can leave splotchy looking lines). An easy solution is to rub the liner on your hand before applying it or if need be, warm it up with a lighter. I find that high end liners are smoother and they don't get any of the waxy buildup that you can sometimes see on the drug store ones. Aside from that, there isn't too much of a difference. In fact, I have both drug store and high end liners in my kit.

Winner: Drug store

Foundation: There are some pretty great drugstore foundations out there. Some even offer buildable as well as full coverage. With foundation, I honestly think it's trial and error. I have found some good drugstore foundations that I like. I personally use a high end one for myself, only because I like the product and it's the only one that I've found that is my exact match (that I don't have to custom blend because I have both warm and cool tones). I do not want to have to custom blend my foundation every time I wear it (PAIN!).

Winner: Tie (depends on the product and personal preference).

Powder: Just like the foundation, there are some good drug store powders out there. Usually the same brand ones that have a good foundation.

Winner: Drug store

Blush: Unlike eyeshadows, drugstore blushes aren't half bad. You can actually get the color that's in the pan on your face much easier than with eyeshadows. Unless you can't find a dupe for your fav high end blush, I say go with drugstore.

Winner: Drug store

Lipstick & Lipgloss: Considering you eat most of the product that's on your lips and that you have to re-apply, does it really make sense to spend double, if not more on a high end lipstick or gloss? Yes, some high end lipsticks last a bit longer than a drugstore one but is that really worth double the money? Not to mention, you will still have to re-apply at some point. Unless you are absolutely in love with a high end color and you can't find a drugstore dupe, then get your high end color.

Winner: Drug store If you would like a list of recommended brands or have questions, please comment below.

*Disclaimer: These are my opinions and findings for personal use products. I would not use these on clients, nor do I recommend them for special event makeup, weddings, photography, etc*

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