How To Fake You Got Enough Sleep

Ever wonder how to make yourself look more awake? It's not an extra cup of coffee that's the key, it's your eyes. Make them look bigger, brighter and refreshed with a few simple makeup tricks. 1. If you have dark circles, you NEED a corrector. Any peachy/salmon colored corrector will do. My personal favorite is Make Up For Ever's Camouflage Cream. What the corrector does is it counteracts the blue/purple/green circles you may have under your eyes. Apply the corrector, then apply your foundation and any necessary concealer. 2. Highlight your brow bone (just under the arch of your eyebrow). By applying a highlight under your brow bone it helps to make the eye look more lifted and brighter.


3. Highlight the inner corner of your eye. This helps to brighten your eyes and also helps if you have closer set eyes.

Inner Corner Highlighting

4. Apply a white or flesh toned eyeliner to your waterline. This helps your eyes look whiter, brighter, more awake and opens up the eyes. If you have smaller eyes, DO NOT line your waterline, unless with a white or flesh toned eyeliner. Anything else will make your eyes look smaller.


5. Line your upper lashes. I tend to make the line thicker towards the outer corners (it's my personal preference). If you tightline (line your upper waterline), it will help make your lashes look thicker/fuller.

6. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Curling your lashes opens up your eyes by lifting the lashes.

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