Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

So much can go wrong when it comes to makeup. Unfortunately, we don't always see these faux pas until it's too late (i.e. until pictures are taken, when we are out and don't happen to have our makeup arsenal with us, etc). Below are a few of the major makeup no-nos I hope to help you all avoid. HD Powder Galore A big makeup no-no that goes completely undetected until someone takes a picture with flash.

Makeup No No, HD Powder

This is HD Powder. It is not ideal for flash photography as the flash bounces off the powder making it super visible in pictures. It is ideal for film. You can use it for photography but it would have to be EXTREMELY lightly. Your best bet to avoid this from happening is just avoid the HD powder all together and use a regular translucent powder.

Wrong Colour Concealer

Too light under eye concealer.

Under Eye Concealer, Makeup No No

If your under eye concealer is too light, you end up looking like a raccoon but with light circles under your eyes instead of dark ones. If you want to use a lighter concealer under your eyes, I suggest applying it under the eyes as well as past the under eye area and blend, blend, blend. This will make it look more natural and help create a brightening effect. Everyone seems to be trying to get that Kim Kardashian look but if you don't place product in the right areas and don't thoroughly blend, you'll just look funny instead of stunning.

Highlighting & Contouring Gone Wrong

The right colours, placement and blending is a must!

Contour, Contouring, Highlight, Highlighting

If you are going to highlight and contour you have to BLEND! Remember, less is more. As with any makeup you apply, it's always best to apply little by little and to build up to your desired intensity. You want your highlight and contour to BLEND in seamlessly to your skin/face. No one wants to see that you've highlighted/contoured. It should be undetectable. If you don't know how to do this, either practice or book a lesson with a makeup artist to learn.

Improper Product Placement

Incorrectly placed blush.

Wrong Product Placement, Makeup No No, Mariah Carey

As you can see, the blush is too high. It should be kept on the cheeks, not on the portion of the face above your cheekbones. Save that area for highlighting.

Wrong Foundation Colour

Too light or too dark foundation.

Wrong Foundation Colour

If you look closely, the face and neck are two different colours, when they should actually be the same. The best way to find your exact match is to test the colour on your chest. Your neck doesn't get as much sun as your face and chest, so match the colour to your chest and make sure you apply your foundation all the way down your neck. DO NOT END YOUR FOUNDATION AT YOUR JAWLINE!

Lipstick On Your Teeth

Embarrassed much?

Lipstick Teeth

There is a super easy way to avoid this. Once you've applied your lipstick, place your clean index finger in your mouth, close your mouth and pull your finger out slowly at the center of your lips. This will remove any excess product and place it on your finger instead of your teeth.

Too Dark Eyebrows

Wrong brow colour chosen.

Harsh Brows, Dark Brows

If you have dark hair, you should be filling your brows with a colour 1-2 shades lighter than your hair colour. If you have light hair, you should be filling your brows with a colour 1-2 shades darker than your hair colour.

As you can see from this picture, Angelina's eyebrows are much too dark which makes her look very harsh. A brow a few shades lighter would soften the look and definitely make it less distracting. Her overly dark brows distract from her beauty.

Foundation Oxidation

An unfortunate occurrence which is not instantly noticeable.

Foundation Oxidation

Oxidation happens when the foundation reacts with the skin and air causing it to change colour. This tends to happen to people with oily skin. Ways to avoid this is to test your foundation well ahead of time. Get a sample to try at home, apply it and wear it for a few hours to see if anything happens. Another way to try and avoid this is to use a translucent powder to set it in place.

Dorito Face

Too much bronzer in all the wrong places!

Bronzer, Dorito Face, Too Much

Bronzer is meant to add some warmth and depth to your face, NOT a tan! Apply bronzer on the parts of your face that the sun would normally hit and where you would see the first signs of colour from the sun (not your whole face).

Tin Man Highlight

Strobing, Highlighting, Tin Man

Highlighting is supposed to reflect light on the high points of your face. NOT make you look like the Tin Man! Choose your product and application wisely.

Hopefully these No-Nos have shown you WHAT NOT TO DO and you will look flawless and not like these tragedies.

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