My Love Of Olive Oil

I LOVE olive oil! My husband makes fun of me that I use it for everything (from helping to clear up ear infections, to cleaning my makeup brushes, to cooking). What can I say? When you're raised in a European household you learn that it's not just for cooking. The more I play and experiment with it, the more I love it and the more uses I find for it.

Olive Oil

I have 2 fav beauty uses for olive oil:

1. Removing colour from my makeup brushes (before washing them). I just place some olive oil on a paper towel and then swirl my dirty brushes in it and it removes all the color from my brushes. All I have left to do is wash my brushes and they're as good as new! This technique makes washing your brushes so much faster and less painful.

2. Removing my makeup (it gets everything, including waterproof mascara). We all know how hard it is to get every last bit of your eyeliner and mascara. I pour some olive oil in my hands, rub them together and then slather it on my face (including my eyes). I wipe it off with some tissue (sometimes I do this more than once if I'm wearing a lot of makeup). Follow by washing with your regular cleanser and you'll be nice and makeup free.

Has anyone else experimented with olive oil? What uses have you discovered?

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