What They Don't Tell You About Planing A Wedding

The big question has been asked and you said "yes!". Now it's time to start planning. There are four very important things to keep in mind when booking your wedding (that no one tells you or thinks of until the actual day and it's time to get ready); The date, the ceremony time, the size of your bridal party, and the bridal party's makeup look.

The first thing you need to decide on is the date. One very important detail that many brides seem to forget when choosing their wedding date is the weather around that time of year. If you plan your wedding for the summer (regardless of if it will be indoors or outdoors) you need to remember that our summers tend to be hot and humid. The last thing you want is to have frizzy hair due to the humidity and all your makeup sweating off. You will be uncomfortable, and self-conscious, constantly looking in a mirror and trying to touch up what is out of place. The last thing a bride wants to do is worry about how she looks, especially after having paid for professional hair and makeup. You want to enjoy your day, your friends and family, and know that you look great in all the pictures being taken. That's not to say that you can't have a summer wedding. Just remember that the weather will affect your bridal look and you will need to find ways to make sure you are still picture perfect (i.e. making sure you have transportation with air conditioning, a venue with air conditioning, perhaps having a hand-held fan, a makeup artist on hand for touch ups, etc). You're spending good money on a professional photographer, the last thing you want to do is ruin your pictures by having frizzy hair and melted makeup.

Time to plan your ceremony time. Many brides plan their ceremony around noon or later. If you don't have a large wedding party, that will work. However, if you have 6+ people to get ready that's about 6 hours you need to get everyone ready. Now a days, bridal parties tend to be pretty big. I once had to start makeup at 4am for a wedding party of 10 people. Just remember, if you're getting married at 1pm and you need about 30 minutes to get to the church/venue, that means you'll have to have everyone up and getting ready by 6:30am. There are however a few ways around an early start time: A) You can have a later ceremony, B) You can have a smaller wedding party, C) When you hire a professional makeup artist, such as MBM-Michelle Baquial Makeup, you have the option of having an additional makeup artist. Having an additional makeup artist will cut your time in half, however there is an extra cost for that extra artist. When figuring out the timing, keep in mind that it takes 45 minutes to get each bridal party member ready and about 1 hour for the bride. I personally like to book 1 hour time slots when possible as it's always best to have a few minutes left over than to be rushing or running late.

The big day has arrived and now it's time to get everyone ready. Every bridesmaid has her own personal style and personality. However, when it comes to bridesmaids makeup, it is very important to keep the makeup look consistent throughout the party. Even though you may be doing the same look on 6 different girls, the makeup will look slightly different on everyone. The same colours will not be appropriate for every person. Everyone has their own skin tone, undertones, eye colour, features, etc. The reason you want to keep the makeup consistent is that you want the overall look to be cohesive when it comes to your pictures. You don't want to have everyone with a natural look and the odd bridesmaid with a more glamorous look. Especially if the bridesmaid's look is very different from the bride's, that bridesmaid will stand out in pictures and take the focus away from the bride when you look at the wedding photos. The bridesmaids' makeup should compliment the bride, not take the attention away from her. Just like the bridal party's dresses. Some bridesmaids want to do their own makeup or have their makeup done by someone aside from who the bride has booked as the makeup artist for the day. I advise against this. Just because you can do great makeup when you go out, doesn't mean you can do wedding appropriate makeup. The makeup needs to hold up to a LONG day and needs to photograph beautifully. Also, if your bridesmaid goes to a different artist, that artist does not know what look everyone else is having done. I once had a bridesmaid who went elsewhere to get her hair and makeup done (not with the rest of the bridal party). When I saw the wedding photos, that bridesmaid's makeup was clearly competing with the bride's. The bride had a classic look with a red lip. The bridesmaid ended up looking shiny and she also had a red lip which distracted the focus away from the bride. Your wedding day is YOUR big day. You are the star, not your bridal party.

I hope these tips have given you something to think about and help when it comes to planning your wedding. These are things that I learned when planning my own wedding and that I have helped brides with when planning their own weddings. Happy planning!

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