At MBM, we know the importance of good brows.  We offer Microblading, Microshading, HD Brows, and precision Brow Sculpting.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that provides a means to camouflage missing eyebrow hair and creates the appearance of hair where there wasn't any before.  Hair like strokes are made on the skin and fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments are applied to create the look of hair.  The end result is beautiful, naturally full looking brows.

Microshading/Hybrid Brows is a combination of microblading and shading.  The microblading provides the hairlike strokes and the shading (done throughout the centre of the brow), helps to create a more full looking brow (as if filled with makeup but natural looking).


Our Microblading and Microshading service includes the initial procedure, an aftercare kit, as well as 1 touch up session 6 weeks later.  We take the time to discuss your brow goals and vision, as well as shape and design your brows, prior to commencing the procedure.

Photos of the Mircroblading & Microshading Process:




                                                                                                             The first part of the microblading process is the consultation where we discuss the                                                                                                                   vision you have for your brows.  We assess your natural brows to see our starting                                                                                                                     point and then proceed on designing your perfect brow.  We make sure they are                                                                                                                       absolutely perfect, and that you are 100% happy with the shape and size.  Only once                                                                                                               you give us your approval do we continue and move on to the procedure.




                                                                                                             Once the client has approved the brow design, we outline the brow with a surgical                                                                                                                   marker to ensure we have our guidelines for the microblading process.












                                                                                                             After outlining the brow with a surgical marker, we proceed with numbing the area                                                                                                                 with a topical anesthetic.  While the numbing it taking effect, we custom mix your                                                                                                                     perfect brow colour for your approval.





                                                                                                            Once the numbing has taken effect and you have approved the custom brow colour,                                                                                                              we proceed with making hair like strokes to create the brows of your dreams.  You                                                                                                                    are sent home with an aftercare kit as well as step by step instructions to ensure                                                                                                                      your brows heal beautifully.  Before leaving your initial session, we book your touch                                                                                                                up appointment for 6 weeks from your initial appointment.

HD Brows is a service which includes cleaning and sculpting the brows as well as tinting.  Tinting helps to add colour to the fine hairs that may otherwise not be visible as well as slightly colour the skin where there isn't any hair, giving the illusion of a fuller/more dense brow.

BROW SCULPTING is a service where we work with your natural brow to trim, clean and shape the brow to the optimal shape for your features.